The Open Mic Podcast on Longbox.FM

Ever listened to a podcast or listened to the radio and thought to yourself, ‘I can do that. And Better!’ Well now you can try it. Be apart of the Open Mic Podcast on Longbox.FM!

If you have a podcast, want to do a podcast, or just think you have what it takes to get on a mic and run a show live, then this is for you!  The crew at Longbox.FM will open up the studio to a new group every week to test their talents on the mic and provide some interesting and comical banter for the Longbox.FM audience to listen to.

If you are interested in having a date in the studio, hit us up at Dowdy@longbox.FM.  You will get to run the Longbox.FM studio as your own.  You will have a built in audience.  There will be a downloadable audio and video podcast afterwards.  You can even get your own sponsors and possibly make yourself a little extra scratch. And you will be able to calm those nerves with some awesome Riley’s Brewing!  Get guests, callers, skype in and do a show like any real show out there.  Do you have what it takes?  Find out.  Hit us up!

Open Mic Podcast