Farooq Band

After years of being away from the local music scene, Phillip Camacho (Guitar) and Daniel Dominguez (Vocals) decided to collaborate once more to create something for themselves and possibly others to enjoy. They began casually writing songs in December of 2010. By April of 2011 they had 6 songs and were searching for a band. Daniel only had one drummer in mind when writing the songs…the Pope….Eric Mar, whom he had known for more than half of his life and done many music projects with. After hearing the songs, Eric quickly pulled his drums from storage (it had been 5 years since he last played) and began to get his chops back. He also recruited Matt Olson, knowing he’d be able to pick the songs up quickly and get them playing shows sooner than later. After a few bass player trial runs, they decided to go with Brandon Rubio who had been around the band since Eric joined. After spending the majority of 2012 playing a wide array of shows at the local Hardcore venue the China Town Youth Center, and doing select shows for great cities including Bakersfield, Salinas, Watsonville, Madera, and San Jose in California, as well as Tijuana Mexico, they decided to make plans for a full length album. The Truth recorded,engineered and mixed by Phillip Camacho was independently released in early 2013.


Email: farooqmosh@gmail.com

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/FarooqMosh

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Bandcamp: http://farooqmosh.bandcamp.com/


iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-truth/id685772034

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