Cacti Widders

Cacti Widders Band 2

The Cacti Widders have evolved as a band since day 1 and their sound continues to morph with each and every album. Since 1998 the Cacti Widders have played every venue, tattoo convention, dive bar, and backyard that they could possibly find. Now many years later, the Cacti Widders sell out the legendary Blank Club in San Jose on a regular basis and sell more merchandise than their van can hold!

“A Strange Life” was the bands debut release and it definitely featured most of their rock-a-billy and surf songs while keeping true to their love of rock-n-roll. The trio recorded this album completely “live in the studio” and set the bar extremely for their competition. 2 years later Cacti Widders dropped “Take A Ride With…” expanding on the rock-n-roll foundation which they had created. It also won Destroy All Monthly’s “Pick of the Month” in June of 2003, beating bands like Dropkick Murphy’s, Throwrag, and Good Riddance. Now it’s 2005 and the Cacti Widders continue to break down musical barriers and forge ahead. “One Way Ticket” is full of psycho slappin’ upright bass riffs and down home country fried tunes.











Cacti Widders Band