#DDPLive with Corey Feldman

This Wednesday night the #DDPLive had Corey Freaking Feldman and the Angels on the show as we promote the Friday the 13th featuring Corey Feldman and The Angels!  Also, Art Silva was in studio with the Artourage to talk about the setup to that event.

Show Summary

Exciting night as we had our biggest guest ever in Corey Freaking Feldman!  First we started with some giveaways and learned about Dowdy’s fake heroin issues.  Then the main man himself, Corey, joined the show.

We learned the history of his group, Corey Feldman and the Angels, and a little of his past.  We talked about Michael Jackson, Hollywood pedophilia rings, and his take on the Goonies Sequeal.  Wil Wheaton played a part in this show as well as we learn all about 16 year old Wil Wheaton.

Afterwards we talked with Art Silva and the local valley music scene.  We revisited local dumbasses #Tully and #Amrik and the update on the latest from Tully and his fake profiles used to harasses and threaten local businesses.

Our game this week was Rockin Walken.  We teamed up members of The Artourage and old DDP crew member Kenneth.

Finally we ended with a round of Dowdy’s, recapping the show and picking a MVP for the night.

Next Wednesday night we will have Corey F-ing Felman and the Angels on the show plus the promoter for the Friday the 13th show at Fulton 55, Art Silva of the Artourage!

Beer provided by Riley’s Brewing!

Music By Sagey!

Hashtags of the night: #2ndHandCorey, #Dowdrtourage, #JesusHimself, Shotholes

Click the play button at the bottom of the page to listen to the audio podcast or you can download it and take it with you either here, on iTunes or Stitcher!  Also, check out the video podcast below for the full experience.  And… You can try out the #DDP360 Podcast.  You can take control of the camera and move around the entire studio.  Plus there is bonus footage on that video of what goes on when the mics are off! 

Check out the #DDPLive Video Podcast Below!
Check out the #DDP360 Video Podcast Below!

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