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When Trumpet Solo formed in 2009, they quickly became a curiosity as they performed outside of Fresno’s (California) metal scene. It seems that the local indie rock scene has adopted them as one of their own.

This metal trio was formed by singer-songwriter and bassist Reid May, with his best friend, Nick Napoletano, on drums and his younger brother, Pierce May, on lead guitar.

Most of Trumpet Solo’s debut album, 2010, was recorded live on tape and was finished in a single take. The lyrics on 2010 are honest sociopolitical criticisms; in many ways, their style is satirical because they hold a mirror up to society’s problems. The heavy guitars convey a sense of impending doom and the gravity of our concerns; on the album it’s obvious that metal is the best medium for their expression as they challenge people to look at their belief systems. On their first recording, the band has already harnessed their vision and style, which can be a major challenge for a band of any genre. Their unique experiences mingling among artists of contrasting styles and ideas helped to illuminate their own.

Trumpet Solo’s honest approach is what gives their music its full expression. On songs like “Swine Flu” they’re reminding people to choose their battles wisely, and to acknowledge the more relevant problems that affect the entire world.












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