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Growing up in Madera CA with a broken home like the one I was blessed to have.

With choosing my artist name Lycan seemed fit to me with the thought of a shapeshifter or werewolf most that hear it, well in todays terminology it meant i had do be diverse an fit in everywhere i was to survive.
right now I just released Crossroads but currently im working on couple different project Rise of the Shapeshifter eps 7 mixtapes of how i became the man before you today. also collaboration with other artist who have the same drive an passion for their music, Because at the end of the day you cant say this is a hobby or side job an expect to get taken serious or even get anywhere at the end of the day its a way of life.
Lycan as a known artist maybe not but 2016 each day im not trying im giving it everything. Im no way shape or form saying i’m talented but I know I have something people enjoying to listen to. So i have their attention im doing the man hours of researching, creating performing, pretty much being hands on taking opportunities that come like the one with you guys here at exposed vocals. Its a blessed day to even breath let alone get an opportunity truly im on a crossroads with my life right now an no matter how much its kicking me down, wont stop til my higher power says now.
I respect everyone because at the end of the day we are equal. when people criticize races or say black killing white, ts hard for me to listen, all i see is Americans dying an being that i served in afghanistan i dislike ignorance, But i seen how people will come saying things they have only told 1 or 2 people because they hear my music an feel some type of comfort to be open with me. So my goal is to get people to hear my message an possibly make change, to not commit suicide to not hold in those emotional life changing event. an be comfortable with your scars
im schizophrenic an have ptsd its doesn’t mean i have to live up to that label.











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