Mole Star Kevin


A personal expose — MoleStar Kevin

MoleStar “Mole Star” Kevin is the Co-Host of the Dirty Dowdy Podcast and a self-proclaimed real Host of the Dirty Dowdy Podcast. Or, “At least the Host that people like.” When asked how he became a part of the show, MoleStar Kevin replied, “Drugs”. He then smoked what was probably the drugs he was referring to and spent 20 minutes describing how to grill the perfect burger. To which he then grilled himself and ate the aforementioned perfect burger. He used a combination of what could only have been magic and devil worship to create a symphony of flavors that can only be accurately described as a 9/11 in my mouth. Without hesitation I can faithfully and willfully declare: It was the best damn burger this reporter has ever had the pleasure to masticate. To its homage, I asked MoleStar to publicize through this interview, the secrets of a burger that is surely nothing short of perfection. His reply was a stern, fatherly “NO!” I then slapped myself in the face for asking. To conclude the interview MoleStar Kevin told me he wanted to show me something cool in the backyard. I followed him outside and we walked over to the corner of the 7 foot tall surrounding privacy fence. He then proceeded to piss over the 7 foot privacy fence and into his neighbor’s backyard. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like less of a man. A special thanks to MoleStar Kevin for the spectacular burger and the rest of the Dirty Dowdy crew for their hospitality. William Frankshire-Belmont Hamptington, Journalist Clam-Hammer Tribune