What is The Dirty Dowdy Podcast

DDP Crew at Festivus 2015

The Dirty Dowdy Podcast is a weekly non-PC show meant to melt your earballs with comedy and music. It was started in April of 2009 with the bare minimum of gear and talent and has grown to having an amazing studio and below average talent.  Over the years we have managed to blackmail a multitude of local artists, comedians, MMA fighters to come to our humble studios to join us in beer and microphones.  The unexpected crazyiness has been known to happen during shows, like strippers performing ‘special acts,’ to EDM Dance parties. Each week we come to you live on www.longbox.fm and through apps such as UStream, TuneIn, and Shoutcast.  

If you are interested in being booked/blackmailed to be on the show, hit us up at Dowdy@longbox.fm to submit a request.

Check us out at 7 PM every Wednesday. You can join in on skype (@Longbox fm) or calling (559)492-0450.

Below is a quick trip from March of 2009 to now.  Enjoy memory lane!!

The Post Show Wrap

End of Show Gropefest


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