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The Red Coats were formed by Frontman Gabriel Francisco and Drummer Bobby Jenkins in 2009, who later found Bassist Nathan J. Navarro in the Summer of 2010. The Band are Fresno,California natives. They’re trademark being a modern band who writes Classic Rock-esque music. Or “New Classic Rock”. The Bands influences, “Led-Zeppelin”, “AC/DC”, “The Beatles”, “The Rolling Stones”, ”Queen”, “The Doors”, “The Who”, “Metallica”, “Nirvana”, “Red Hot Chili Peppers”, “Muse” and Many others spanding the “Classic/Modern” catalog are very audible and notable in the bands music. The Red Coats are a band of powerful precision drumming, and Blues/Funk/Rock bass lines that carry a vintage sound, accompanied by distinctive vocals and catchy guitar riffs. LIVE the band is a Juggernaut of sound and visuals the likes of which have not been presented by young Rock groups since the 1970’s. Once this band hits the stage they are unstoppable. They Currently have an independent LP which features ten original songs:

1.) Red-Light Revolver
2.) Human Battery
3.) I Need Your Love
4.) Louisiana:Mississippi
5.) Demon Blues
6.) We Are The Party
7.) Sonny
8.) Wrecking Ball
10.) Cancer Stick

The Bands Slogan, Motto, and Motive is simple:

“Help Save Rock ‘n’ Roll.
Prepare yourself.
The Red Coats are coming.”

Whether or not you’ve heard The Red Coats play. They are definitely worth your time and ear. And Judging by the pace they’re moving, 2015 is sure to be not only a great year for The Red Coats, but a notable year in Rock ‘n’ Roll History for years to come.










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