The John Clifton Blues Band

The John Clifton Blues Band 2

John Clifton from Fresno California is a blues harmonica player, guitarist, and vocalist with remarkable style and originality. He is a veteran of the west coast blues scene having traveled worldwide performing since the late1980’s.

He is best known for his work with the Central California blues group The MoFo Party Band. He formed with his brother in 1989. They’ve played many festivals and clubs all over the USA, Europe and South pacific regions.

John Clifton as a solo artist has performed notable shows with The Mark Hummell Harmonica Blowout that featured Huey Lewis, John Mayall, James Cotton and Other greats, The Austrian Boogie Festival in Vienna Austria, Blues Express Festival in Poland, and Blues Night in Fredrikshaven Denmark.

He is a producer and songwriter; many of his original compositions get regular worldwide radio airplay. As a record producer he has award winning recordings such as The Boogie Boy’s from Poland’s 2012 “Made in Cali” won Polish Blues Top Award for “Album of the Year”(featuring 3 of John’s original songs).

John Clifton is a consummate performer with a love for the stage, he is energetic and entertaining and a veteran at his craft. an avid record collector music historian and story teller,

John has a new CD release that will make it’s official debut October 16th 2015 on Rip Cat Records. The CD titled “Let Yourself Go” is 13 hard hitting songs. John explores different styles of blues soul and 50’s r&b. 6 tunes written by John and 7 of his favorite obscure songs makes this a potpourri of the sound in John’s mind. There are some great gusts including Rusty Zinn, Kid Ramos, Bob Welsh Roger Perry and many others. This CD is a true gem, keep an eye out for it..











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