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Ian Suhovy was born in Pamona, California in the year 1990. When Ian was seven he received his first guitar as a Christmas present from his parents. His uncle began teaching him a few chords and Ian became better at guitar everyday. He made a few bands over the years, but no one seemed to have the love and dedication that he had. When Ian was 14, Ian met his wife Vanessa. In Ian’s sophomore year of high school, Vanessa became pregnant with his daughter. During some of the hardest times of Ian’s life, his guitar became his best friend. His daughter, Sadie was born and he loved to play his guitar and sing to her almost every night. A year after their daughter was born Ian and Vanessa became married. Ian turned to his guitar in all times to express his emotions about everything. Not long after they were married, Ian and Vanessa began to talk about moving somewhere to benefit Ian’s music career. After long thought, they decided to pack up their lives and head out to Nashville, Tennessee. Ian played open mic nights and free shows all around Music City. After a year of living in Nashville, Ian and Vanessa decided to return home with all the knowledge they had gathered. Ian continues to play gigs everywhere he can get one. After a few years of not finding a band of brothers with like minded music appreciation and dedication his solo career would soon take a turn. After reuniting with one of his best friend Joshua at his wedding reception held in Fresno California, Ian was introduced to one of Josh’s close friends Ryan Calvert. After conversing and sharing the like minded music interests, it lead them to their first jam session. From that very moment, Ian and Ryan knew that they can create a wide variety of musical masterpieces and fuel the world with something they haven’t yet heard before. With Ian’s song writing capabilities that can reach a wide variety of emotions and tie to a general audience, and Ryan with his drum range and ability to pick up on the right beat at the right time. Soon after, they added a Ben Wiles on Bass and DJ Shirley on Saxophone. This gave them an even more unique style to their sound. They have a musical influence of The Black Keys, Dave Mathews, White Stripes, Chili Peppers, and even Adele. This “Jack of all trades,” free form their way to the top every opportunity they have.











The Jacktones Band

The Jacktones