Jessy Lee Humphry

Jesse Lee Humphry Band

Jesse Lee Humphry began his musical journey at the age of 8 when he purchased, with his own savings, a low-rate keyboard. From that point, his next step would be entering his middle school band as a percussionist. This instruction, from 6th grade up until his Senior year, proved to be an asset as Jesse continued to move forward in perfecting his musical craft. Having fiddled with the guitar at age 14, Jesse became serious about his musical career at age 16, when several outside events began to influence his music. After moving to Kuwait, Jesse’s musical career took a different path when he decided to print a home recording of 15 of his songs and sell it to classmates, netting a fairly decent profit.

After returning to the US, Jesse began to study music more seriously, penning songs that rich in meaning and lyricism but that were also catchy. Now, having come truly into his own as a songwriter, his new single “Gone” is available on all major platforms as he prepares to track his first record, “California EP”.











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