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Fierce Creatures Band

“If Fleetwood Mac, Of Montreal, The Shins and The Ventures had a baby in rock heaven, I think this is what it would sound like. Fierce Creatures have created something truly special.” – The Wild Honey Pie

“These creatures are definitely fierce and are worth every listen.” – Glide Magazine

“The seven person band Fierce Creatures emanates some seriously sumptuous sound. It is lush and sophisticated with hints of wildling kid-at-heart sensibilities.” – The Owl Magazine

Fierce Creatures emerged from the scorching Fresno, CA summer of 2009. Abandoning past musical undertakings that never seemed to fit quite right, the band came together to build a fresh identity, free of limitations, focused on the joy of undiluted music. They drew inspiration from the melodic heritage of classic rock and pop, as well as the grandeur and spirit of its inventive successors. By reinterpreting musical conventions and pursuing a song wherever it leads, Fierce Creatures has created something new and altogether enchanting.

Guitar and keys drive the songs, but don’t restrict them. Mandolin, harmonica, and bells accentuate the sound, with chanting choruses and a miscellany of percussion. The product is a cultivated art-pop that fluctuates from delicate anthems to soaring ballads. Fierce Creatures’ self-produced, self-released debut EP, I Mostri Feroci, arrived in July 2010. They will be releasing their first full-length album, Catacomb Party, on August 7th, 2012 via Paper Garden Records.











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