Central Valley Podcasts

dirtydowdyThe Dirty Dowdy Podcast

Live every Wednesday night at 7 PM PST

The #DDPLive is a comedic internet radio that brings in guests every week from all walks of live.  The crew has a wild time and the show is meant for an adult audience.


The Kick Spinning Top 1The Kick

Live every Monday Night at 7 PM PST

Newstalk and politics from the valley.



OMP LogoThe Open Mic Podcast on Longbox.FM

Live every Tuesday Night on Longbox.FM Starting at 7 PM PST

The Longbox.FM studio is open to anyone in the valley that wants to do a show. Ever wanted to be on a mic? Think you could do it better? Here’s your chance!


Dead in 60 Years Logo

Dead in 60 Years — http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/dead-in-60-years

WARNING! Nothing we say should be taken seriously… at all… what so ever! And for the love of God do not go off any medical advice we may give, half the time we don’t know what were talking about.




Dorktown Podcast — https://dorktownpodcast.com/

The Dorktown Podcast was started in June of 2005, back when Adam Curry was the “Podfather” of podcasting and junk. We are comedy based and like to talk about Fresno, craft beer, Star Wars, podcasting and music. We also play games, attempt comedy bits and interview local musicians, creatives and fellow podcasters.


Downercast Logo

Downercast — http://downercast.blogspot.com/

Bryan and Jason discuss what it’s like to struggle with anxiety and depression, and how they get through life.



Firefly Podcast Logo

Firefly Podcast — https://fireflypodcast.wordpress.com/

The Balls and Bayonets Brigade is a realplay podcast in the Firefly ‘verse using the Margaret Weis Productions Firefly RPG Cortex Plus system. We release every other Wednesday.



Flowing With Famous Logo

Flowing With Famous — http://flowingwithfamous.podbean.com/

Fresno’s first podcast. Josh and Mike talk about Fresno culture, music and media.




Get Off My Podcast

Get Off My Podcast — http://getoffmypodcast.com/

Get Off My Podcast is a companion podcast for Harrison Ford’s career. Hosts Mike and Trent, lifelong Harrison fans, break down each roll in Harrison’s career, chronologically.



The Local Music RevolutionThe Local Music Revolution — https://thelocalmusicrevolution.wordpress.com

The Local Music Revolution came about as a simple idea. I love to talk about music and learning about new local bands. So,why not record the conversations and create a new medium for these bands. That is how it started but in doing the interviews I found that there are also amazing artists, businesses and contributors.  I extended the offer to these individuals and this podcast became it’s own beast. Now the goal is to try to bring these artists together and make local acts and local music a relevant thing again.

The Married Gamers Logo

The Married Gamers — http://www.themarriedgamers.net/

Two married gamers podcasting and blogging about the latest in gaming news & culture. Join us for all your info about video games from a ‘His and Hers’ perspective.



Nerd Noise Logo

Nerd Noise Podcast — http://www.nerdnoisepodcast.com/

We are Nerd Noise, a podcast where ordinary people discuss nerdery in the Fresno area. Topics include movies, TV, comics, music, cons and personal stories.




The Perfect Pour — http://theperfectpour.podbean.com/

A week in the life of a Beer Geek. Craft beer news and culture while drinking the hot beers of the week.




SpanSpek Festival Logo

Spanspek Festival Podcast — http://spanspekpodcast.libsyn.com/podcast

Israel Flores and Cristobal Carrillo from the Spanspek Music and Arts Festival talk to guest about music, art, culture and beyond.




That Movie Podcast — http://thatmoviepod.blogspot.com/

That Movie Podcast is the drunkest movie podcast you’ve ever heard! Politically incorrect, irreverent, and a whole lot of fun!