Episode 1 of The Jeffy Potato Show!

Hey there, this is Jeffy Potato and I’m on a new network!  I had a few shows in the past but I have upgraded to the new Longbox.FM network.  Unfortunately I was forced to have a corporate co host to appease the network sponsors but we still attack the supernatural and paranormal.  We have so much planned for you to understand the truths of the world that the media and the liberal media wont let you know.  I have many experts that will bring you the evidence of what is really happening in the world.

Unfortunately my old show had to end because of a conflict with a certain Sanger based group that bullied us and shut us down legally.  But now we can focus on the real stories and teach you our truths. Please follow us on the Jeffy Potato facebook page and follow @LongboxFM on twitter to learn all the truths of the government conspiracy’s and mistruths.

About Dirty Dowdy

Host of The Dirty Dowdy Podcast on Wednesday nights 7-9 PM Host of The Kick on Monday nights 7-9 PM Occasional DJ other nights Sound boy for The Open Mic Podcast on Tuesday nights 7-9 PM

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