#DDPLive does comedy night!

Tuesday night, the #DDPLive did comedy night live in the Longbox.FM studios!  We had 4 comics come in to do their routines. Dana Turner, Nick Ceppaglia, Tony Le, and Joseph Simon will all took part in this first ever comedy event.  No tickets, no minimum drink numbers, and no drama.  Just a great show there for you!

Show Summary:

The show started off with a recap of Dowdy’s first night of live comedy at Fulton 55.  And then we learned some things, including the number of vaginas that kangaroos have.
The Clambake fired off some fun stories and a couple Dowdy soapbox moments.  Credit scores, people getting paid and why Liam Neeson is retiring from action movies… and why was he in them in the first place.

The first ever #DDPLive Comedy Night fired off next.  Four awesome comics taking 5 minutes each in the Longbox.FM Studios!

After the show, we did our game this week, the DJ Voice Off.  We learned about how to survive a hurricane, how to survive a terror attack and how to join Antifa!

It has been awhile, but finally we were able to play Trigger Me This.  Innocent pictures that everyone had to turn into a triggered event.
And finally we did the Dowdy’s.  The awards and wrap up of the night.  Hashtags, Best/Worst Jokes, Dirtbag and MVP all out there decided by a scientific voting system.
Next Tuesday will feature yet another valley comic and some possible giveaways!

Beer provided by Riley’s Brewing!

Music By Sagey!

Hashtags of the night: #TresVaginas, #SouthofBelmontSolid8, #HerdOfTurtles, #711EggSalad

Click the play button at the bottom of the page to listen to the audio podcast or you can download it and take it with you either here, on iTunes or Stitcher!  Also, check out the video podcast below for the full experience.  And… You can try out the #DDP360 Podcast.  You can take control of the camera and move around the entire studio.  Plus there is bonus footage on that video of what goes on when the mics are off! 

Check out the #DDPLive Video Podcast Below!
Check out the #DDP360 Video Podcast and control the action!


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