October 17, 2016 The Kick with Henry Perea

The Kick returned this week with special guest, Henry R. Perea.  He is running to be mayor of Fresno and we talked with him about his plans for Fresno if he is elected.  Lot’s of leadership talk.  We even got Mr. Perea’s view on Prop 64 and medical marijuana.  Lots of questions from the crew that he answered.

Momma Dowdy was also in the house to talk about the propositions on the ballot.  Unfortunately we ran out of time to delve into that so we will be doing a special propositions show in the near future.  If you are curious to know more about the props, you can find Momma Dowdy’s facebook page and read up on each ballot inititive.

Check out the show and help share it so people can learn a little more about this candidate for Mayor.  And please go out and vote on November 8th!

*Beer provided by Riley’s Brewing!

Click the play button at the bottom of the page to listen to the audio podcast or you can download it and take it with you!  Also, check out the video podcast below for the full experience.  And… You can try out the #TK360 Podcast.  You can take control of the camera and move around the entire studio.  Plus there is bonus footage on that video of what goes on when the mics are off!

Check out the Video Podcast Below!
Check out the #TK360 Video Podcast Below!


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2 thoughts on “October 17, 2016 The Kick with Henry Perea

  1. I would like to know Perea’s position on prop 64 of its passed and if he will support or at least be for potential marijuana Business in Fresno.

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