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Hi there.  I am Chris Dowdy, the owner and operator of Longbox.FM.  And I wanted to take a little of your time to talk about what Longbox.FM is and to tell you a little about what we are planning for 2017.

First off, for those of you watching that are unaware of what Longbox.FM is, let me give you a brief description of our company.  Longbox.FM is multi media broadcasting station that runs 24/7 programming cultivated for this valley.  We have a music stream of over 300 artists from the valley or friends of the valley for you to listen to.  Valley bands of the past and the present.  And starting in February, we will be streaming live studio video 24/7.

On top of the radio stream, we also have live DJ’s hosting the music such as myself and Brandon Freeman and more to come in 2017.  We have taken the best of radio, streaming services such as Pandora and spotify, and podcasting and put them all together with a local touch.

We also have live shows such as the #DDPLive, a weekly comedy show; The Kick, a weekly local newstalk and politics show; and the Open Mic Podcast, where we bring in people to do their own show in our studio.  And starting early 2017 we will be adding a local music showcase show that will bring bands in to talk about upcoming events and perform live in our Live Performance Studio.  Also, we will be adding a show featuring local businesses and entrepreneurs to talk about the struggles of local people running their small business.

Longbox.FM was also the first in the valley to use 360 videos to capture in studio shows as well as live performances of local bands.

If that’s not enough, we also have local valley podcasts that are readily available to stream and download from Longbox.FM.  Our goal is to create a central hub for all valley artists, comics and small businesses to call their own.  Longbox.FM is a unique and forward thinking station created to support all things Fresno and the central Valley.

In 2017 we here at Longbox.FM will be making a push to unite the artists of the valley and cultivate a positive atmosphere for the music scene.  We want all the performers of the valley to know who we are and that we are here to support them.

This is where we at Longbox.FM need your help.  I am asking you to try us out and listen to our station for a day.  I have worked hard the last few years creating something that is on par with any mainstream station in the valley.  The only difference between us and radio is that the musicians on Longbox.Fm are not as well known as the big bands on radio.  With your help, and your ears, they can be.  I also ask that you help share this station with others, so that as our listenership grows, so does the local scene.

You can currently listen to us by going to Longbox.FM and clicking the audio button.  And for now, you can use the TuneIn Radio App and search LongboxFM to stream us from your phone.  We have also partnered up with Verii Social, and they are helping to build our own app so that you can listen with ease in the future.

As exciting as all of our future plans are, the truth is we hope we can make it there.

Ever since I started Longbox.FM back in 2012, we have always operated without a source of income.  It has always been a labor of love… and sweat.  Longbox.FM is an expensive operation to keep up month to month.  As you can see, we have a studio that is as good or better than anything in the valley.  And the equipment, licenses and streaming services are not cheap.  It has unfortunately gotten to the point that I need to ask for financial help in the form of a GoFundMe account.  On a personal note, I have always resisted using a crowd sourcing service as I have felt that is a great way to signal to the world that your product is at an end and anyone on the bandwagon would take the signal to jump ship.  But the truth is I cannot continue to fund this myself.

We currently have an average audience of over 30,000 unique listeners a month and if half of them donated $1, we could keep this running for a year.  We in turn for your help, will continue to open our doors to anyone who want to take part in this station.  We only ask that you have a positive attitude and want to become part of the solution in supporting the local valley scene.

So please take a minute to go to Longbox.FM, listen to some music and look at our GoFundMe post.  Help if you can, share it if you will.

Thank you for your time. And remember, you can #MakeFresnoBetter by supporting those artists that create entertainment for you!

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Host of The Dirty Dowdy Podcast on Wednesday nights 7-9 PM Host of The Kick on Monday nights 7-9 PM Occasional DJ other nights Sound boy for The Open Mic Podcast on Tuesday nights 7-9 PM

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