October 26, 2016 with Comedy Hop

The #DDPLive brought in the Comedy Hop homie, and Festivus 2016 Performer, Tony Le.   Kunisama and Rileys Brewing will flow as we get back to our normal show.  The Celebrity Clambake and a game for the group.  And a chance to win tickets to see Stoneshiver on Nov. 5th!

Show Summary!

The #DDPLive crew started off with some group learning.

The Celebrity Clambake was done by Dowdy this week and he set the stage for the comics to go off.

The crew chatted with Tony about his Friday night Comedy Hop shows at Franks Place

The game this week, the DJ Voice off brought something extra out of Kari this week.

Finally Kenneth handed out his awards in the show wrapup.

There were some issues with video so there are some spots on the video that there is only audio.  We will get it better next time.

Next week the #DDPLive will be back Amoret!

Beer provided by Riley’s Brewing!

Food provided by Kuni Sama!

Hashtags of the night: #MakeFresnoBegger, #FireGina, #Fudge, #WalmartMoney

Click the play button at the bottom of the page to listen to the audio podcast or you can download it and take it with you either here, on iTunes or Stitcher!  Also, check out the video podcast below for the full experience.  And… You can try out the #DDP360 Podcast.  You can take control of the camera and move around the entire studio.  Plus there is bonus footage on that video of what goes on when the mics are off! 

Check out the Video Podcast Below!
Check out the #DDP360 Video Podcast Below!
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