April 27, 2016 with Cockamamie Jamie

The Longbox.FM studios will never be the same.  Wednesday night, Cockamamie Jamie joined the #DDPLive Crew in studio to talk about his new album, Grizzly Fest 2016 and to share some amazing tales of life.  Also his old friends and the crews, Nick Nocketback was in studio as well.  There was Riley’s Beer flowing, even poured, and a plunger got in the mix.  Yeah.  That.

Show Summary:

The Dirty Dowdy Podcast opened the show with talk of what happens at your day job when you have a 4/20 show.  And we learned some things this week.  Some you can’t unlearn.

Alex was next with the Celebrity Clambake.  Of course a mention of Prince passing.  And some Colt 45.  And tons of stupid human news.

Jamie played along with the crew to start the interview.  And then shared stories of his youth and a plunger among other regales.  There was a beer incident.  And yeah.  All of that.

This week we hit up the DJ Voice Off.  And Mole Star came in strong with a nice read from a WWE Fan Fiction Erotica reading. Yeah.  So much good stuff there.  And we see the best of our ladies.  Jennie and Kari gave more in their performance tonight than ever in the history of the show!

Finally we talked about the upcoming shows and the insane amount of Tardie awards for the show.  Great show.  And don’t listen around small kids or bosses.

Hashtags of the week: #TPaining, #FiveFingerDeathPlunge, #ButtholeLubeAndTub, #Investimigetting, #OnlyInFlorida

Check out the audio podcast at the bottom of the post.  Download it here or on iTunes or stream it live here.  The #DDP360 video will have behind the scenes footage of the start and end of most breaks, the stuff you don’t normally get to see!

Check out the Video Podcast below!

Check out the #DDP360 Video Podcast below!


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