April 26, 2016 with The Carnival

The Open Mic Podcast was live Tuesday night with Ben Lowery and The Carnival on Longbox.FM.  Ben, Sara, Kevin, Marisa, Bruce and more!

Show Summary:

Introduction to the crew!

Music from Republik

Sports talk.  Bad athletes with Johnny Football and Kobe taking the lead.

Sara Kilby handled the news and the crew discussed gender neutrality and the opposing views on it.

An unfortunate video was aired.  You will have to watch the video podcast to see for yourself.  And Jared Bruce talked all thing Fresno Fuego!

Finally Marisa played a game involving accomplishing tasks with only her left hand.  Again, you will need to watch to get the most out of it.

Final thoughts and some fingers and the party continued off air!

Music by Spacehooker during the broadcast!

Check out the audio podcast at the bottom of the post.  Download it here or on iTunes or stream it live here.  The #DDP360 video will have behind the scenes footage of the start and end of most breaks, the stuff you don’t normally get to see!

Check out the Video Podcast below!

Check out the #DDP360 Video Podcast below!


Carnival 1IMG_6664The Carnival
Republik Band

Open Mic Podcast


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