April 13, 2016 with Personal Computer

The Dirty Dowdy Podcast went Synth Pop Wednesday with the band Personal Computer!  The #DDPLive crew was a bit rowdy and it started off hard and kept going.  ***Warning – if you are sensitive to the actions of 9/11 and all involved in it, turn off the show after the interview.  You have been warned. ***

Show Summary:

Dowdy kicks it off talking about more issues coming from past shows, including being told to no longer post on social media and having his disability cut off by the left.  Also Jennie gets a promotion.

Alex fired off a clambake with DMX, Axl Rose, Iggy and more.

The band Personal Computer talked about their history and whats to come.  Plus they got to experience the Mole Star questions.  And we got another round of the Axl Rose game.

Quite possibly the most offensive segment yet, Jihad or Bust! was unveiled.  Again, as the warning states, this may not be a segment for you.

Finally we had the Tardies and talked about the upcoming 7 Year Anniversary show coming next week!

Hashtags of the week: #JihadAWish, #ChineseDiarrhea, #HomeSliceMagoo, #MastorBassing, #Buggery, #DowdyDidItAgain

Next week we have the 7 Year Anniversary show!  Kooleidoscope will be live in the Longbox.FM Studios as well as visits from past guests and the 4/20 Pot Games.  Tune in Wednesday night at 7 PM!

Check out the Video Podcast Below!

Check out the #DDP360 Video Podcast Below!

100_0117(1) IMG_6603Personal Computer DDP

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