Update on the Arambula/Dowdy situation

****Update on the Arambula/Dowdy situation ****

(From Dowdy’s Facebook)

“Well it turns out that not only will Dr. Joaquin Arambula for Assembly not be on my show tomorrow, and I am not even allowed to use his recorded responses from previous debates.

The Arambula team spent the day demanding I remove all references to their fine candidate. They used bully tactics. Since I posted the original video earlier this month disproving the CDA commercial, I have had a DoS attack on my server and my video files flagged. Apparently the DNC is so heavy handed in their desire to place Arambula in the ‪#‎AD31‬ state assembly seat they will try to bust up a podcast to get their way.

All of this and my goal was just to allow a straight forward conversation to help our listeners decide who to vote for. We will still allow the opportunity for The Arambula party to fill a seat, but I doubt they will give my station any credibility. Just enough to try to bully for their purposes.

I will also address further the dirty tactics of the Joaquin campaign, and the follow up from the conversation with CDA head, who’s info was given by more than a dozen local dentists who are very disappointed with the campaign tactics their own party are dragging them into.

Tomorrow should be entertaining. We will still have Clint Olivier and Ted Miller in studio. And in that two quality candidates worth your vote. Don’t waste you vote on a thug Villian. We need good men in office.”

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