Truth Behind Clint Olivier Attack Ad

***Update 3/23*** Video from the press conference that some local news stations refused to air.

***Update 3/22*** KSEE24 News Report on the press conference here.

***Update 3/21 *** KMJ news story on this here.

***Update*** Check out News Report here

If you have been listening to radio or watching television recently, you probably have heard the commercial where Clint Olivier, in his own words, states that clean air, clean water, and education are not rights.  That they are luxuries.  And that he is fine with that.  This is just not true.

I had Clint Olivier on my show back in November for an interview on Longbox.FM.  The audio taken from my show was manipulated by Medical and Dental Political Action Committees that support Clint Olivier’s opponent, Joaquin Arambula.

I have made the following video to show that the commercial airing on various media outlets is made up of outright lies and misrepresentation.  It will have the original audio from the attack ad and the unedited audio from Clint Olivier’s appearance on my show.

My reasoning for creating this video is not to support one candidate over another, but to enlighten people over the subject matter which was taken without permission, manipulated, and used to slander someone else.  This is dirty politics and should not be the way someone gets elected to serve us in this valley.  I encourage all the candidates running for State Assembly to #KeepItCleanAD31 and run a campaign that you can be proud of.

For my part, I have reached out to all the candidates for state Assembly to come on my show on March 30th and have a debate.  One where we can avoid the tomfoolery and stay focused on the issues.  I want to hear what you can do for the valley.  Not what the other guy can’t do.

I encourage anyone watching this video to tune in and learn what the men running for state Assembly plan to do for you.  Remember, it’s your valley, it’s your vote.



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