March 13, 2016 with P46

P46 Band

The Band P46 took over the Longbox.FM Studios Sunday night.  Jen, Jeff and Buddah gave us a little insight to who they are as musicians, the meaning of the bands name and what their goals are in the valley.  They also performed a few songs live in the studio.  And of course lots of Riley’s Brewing love.

It all starts at 7 PM on Longbox.FM.  Tune in and watch/listen on our YouTube Page where you can chat along with us.  You can also hit us up on Twitter at @Dirty Dowdy and @LongboxFM using the Hashtag #DDPLive  Also you can call in during the show to ask questions for our guest at (559)492-0450.  Even better, you can now Skype into the show.  Just search LongboxFM or dirtydowdypodcast and hop in the studio with us.  Click the Skype Link to call on the main page to make it easy! And everything will be captured on our awesome #DDP360 camera as well!  You get to control the show when you watch it!

Check out the Video Podcast Below!

Check out the #TOMPodcast360 Video Below!

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