March 30, 2016 with The State Assembly Candidates

The #DDPLive crew gets serious Wednesday night.  We will have Clint Olivier, Ted Miller and Dr. Joaquin Arambula in the Longbox.FM studios to debate the issues as they head for the April 5th special election for CA State Assembly.  We will take questions from anyone.  Just leave them in the comment section, send them on twitter with the #DDPLive #Debate hashtags or call in on Wednesday night.  You will get to hear all of the candidates in a way you won’t ever be allowed to on any other media outlet.  Its a big election and it is close.  Lets show that the Longbox Nation can step up and tip the scales one way or the other!


This show was very different from what the Dirty Dowdy Podcast normally does.  We felt as a group that it was best to utilize our voice to help bring out the best in the candidates running for State Assembly in the April 5th Special Election.  You will not ever hear a show with political candidates like this.  We had long answers and thought out answers.  No bell.  No pressure to have to answer something they didn’t know.  And the ability to excuse themselves from answering a question they did not want to answer.  It was brutality honest and it is the best example of the people whose name is on the ballot.  ALL 3 OF THEM.

Show Summary:

We started tonight with a very special legal statement.  If you have been following the show you will understand why.  Lots of talk about the guests and the lack of others.  And a serious speech about why you should vote.  And if you don’t, why we don’t want to hear you complain.  We also got to know the man that Ted Miller is while waiting for Clint Olivier to show up.  And before you get too deep, no Joaquin Arambula did not provide any responses in the start.

We got into may topics after the break. The obvious was water and high speed rail.  But we also talked about college tuition, some listener questions and talk from a person very qualified to talk about AB109.

After the break, we hit Clint and Ted with some serious and directed questions.  Listen to hear.  Also we talked about vagrants in the valley and legalizing marijuana.  You will want to hear it all.  And if you are a dirtbag, make sure to cut up the audio to better benefit your candidate.  Yes it this show had moments of legit heat and raw truth.  And that in itself was amazing.  Please listen and take the time to vote for yourself.

Finally, to find the links that listener MedMar (Rick) was talking to Clint about, go here, here, and here!

Stream or download the audio podcast at the bottom of this post.  You can also watch the video podcast or the #DDP360 video once they are posted below!  Also if you are someone that has been hurt by tonight’s debate, you can forward your complaints to this email address.  It’s not mine but they seem to be that concerned about a station and show that is willing to talk about the truth.  Have fun #LongboxNation!

Watch the Video Podcast Below:

Watch the #DDP360 Video Podcast Below:

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