#MakeFresnoBetter Challenge

We here at Longbox.FM have been coming up with ideas for 2016 to help make Fresno better. We have all heard about how Fresno sucks, from both outsiders and those of us that live here. We constantly rank in the Top 10 of Worst … whatever in national news.

Well, let’s do something about it. I’m not thinking hippie kumbaya stuff, but simple things. Like… hold a door open for someone, put trash in a trash can that’s been left 2 feet away, smile, look people in the eyes, or go to a local business.
I’m not asking you to give up your box stores or McWendy’s, but try shopping at least once at a locally owned place, like Peeve’s or Root. Go to a local show and buy a band’s album. It’s simple, but it means a lot to them.

To push this, I’m going to take the challenge concept: 5 people to challenge to do something this week and post using #MakeFresnoBetter.

This begins with us. And now officially begins with: Chadrick Pickens, Craig Scharton, Clint Olivier, Michelle Mae and Mike Schwabenland.

Please help keep this #MFB going this year.

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