January 27, 2016 with DJ Aesop

The Dirty Dowdy Podcast came back this week with the full #DDPLive crew to hang with our guest, DJ Aesop.  We chatted about all the different projects he has going on in radio, podcasting and the local scene.  And Alex came back with a strong Celebrity Clambake.  And the crew got embarrassed in our game this week, the Rewind Game.

Show Summery:

We welcomed everyone back from various suspensions and learned some new things this week.

Alex talked about DUI’s, art, stolen cheese and the #SexPolice.

The crew interviewed DJ Aesop and learned about his involvement in Rewind 105.5 FM, his new podcast, barcade, and answered some of Mole Star Kevin’s crazy questions.

We played a Rewind game featuring rap and hip hop music from the 90’s.  And learned just how bad the #DDPLive crew is at identifying the songs.

And Kenneth finished out the show with another round of Tardies.

Next week we will have the band Stoneshiver in the Longbox.FM Studio to talk about their new album and their show with Puddle of Mudd on February 5th.

The whole show was recorded with our new Virtual Reality 360º camera.  So you can listen to the audio podcast, watch the video podcast or you can check out our new 360º video when it posts. You can watch the show any way you want!


You have multiple ways to hear the show now.  Pick one and enjoy!

Watch the regular Video Podcast below!

Watch the #DDP360 crew in #VR360 below!
(Be sure to set the quality to 1080s50 for best experience!)


DJ Aesop and the #DDPLive Crew Aesop and the Clambake Jennie and Aesop dominating

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  1. I just got turned on to your show. Loving the content and enjoying the uncensored fun. Sharing on my page. This is the future, entertainment at it’s best.

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