23 TLMR Independance Day Special

I like to change things every once in awhile. I got the idea to do a holiday special, the problem was that I wasn’t sure how to add everyone. Then I remembered a conversation I had about radio cold calls. Instead of calling randomly I asked all the guests back to be part of the episode. I also asked current interviewees to participate. You’ll get a sneak peak at upcoming guests. Lastly, Thanks to social I was able to very answers from listeners that wanted to participate.

The idea was simple, ask 2 questions and try to have a lot of fun. I’ll leave the questions for the special.

This was such a hit that I will be having more holiday specials. The remaining 4 will be Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New years. Be on the look out for two questions near those holidays. Participate and you can be on The Local Music Revolution

Thank you to all who participated! I had a blast. I hope you did too.

Guests in order of appearance:

Lost & Decayed (TLMR 022)
Drug of Choice (TLMR 003)
Psychedellica (TBA)
Zion in Ruins (TLMR 016)
HeavyFoot (TLMR 001 and TLMR 002)
VXDEDXV ( Farooq TLMR 005 and TBA)
Dr. Ink(TBA)
Silo Cell(TBA)
End Ovanera (TLMR 020)
Cool Homer Jack (TBA)
Wayne Hamilton (TLMR 007)
When all is Conquered (TLMR 017)
The Lighthouse Keeper (TLMR 013)
MC Wicks (7/16/15)
Kooleidoscope (TLMR 018)
Spirit Descending (7/9/15)


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For booking: thelocalmusicrevolution@gmail.com

Theme written, performed and recorded by Ben of Silo Cell.
Theme used with permission from owner.

The podcast is sponsored by Stringjoy.com

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