AntiFa Weapons of Peace

This is another video was sent anonymously to Longbox.Fm. This is from a local Central Valley AntiFa chapter represented by a person calling himself Laytex. We are airing this because we feel any and all news or threats to the population should be made aware.

‘Brothers and sisters of the AntiFa Movement, and the scared New Confederacy, this is a video to prepare  you for the War of November 4.  It is time to prepare yourself with the weapons of Peace as we set out to create a new sovereign Republic of free thinking people of PoC, LGBT, and TransWoke.  Arm yourself with the weapons of Peace as we move forward to a new day.  This tutorial will show you what you can use to get past the laws of the new confederacy and how to defend yourself from tyranny.  This will be war and we must all be ready.  I, Laytex will be leading the way in the central valley of California to recreate our home in the vision of our fellow brothers and sister and soldiers of Peace.

My next offering will come Wednesday night, as I unveil the local 4 horsemen of the New Confederacy.  Those who lead the way of the New Confederacy and white supremacy.  These will be your targets.  These will be the first to fall as we press upon with our destiny of righteousness and peace.


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