#DDPLive with Justin McAleece

The #DDPLive brought in local movie maker, Justin McAleece to the Longbox.FM studios!  We talked about his new movie, Brick Madness.  We also doubled up on the main discussion this week as we talked about the recent Tully and Cockamamie Jamie battle over pay to play and how Dowdy got involved in the feud.  And… We gave away the first pair of tickets to the Friday the 13th featuring Corey Feldman and The Angels!

Show Summary:

This show had so much going on that we had to do a double topic and drop the game.  We started off with the promotion to get free burgers from Riley’s Brew Pub.  Listen to find out how you can eat for free!
The Clambake was up next and if there was any concern over the crew dabbling in political correctness, you will be rest assured that is not a problem with us.
Our main guest was Justin McAleece.  He is the writer and director for the movie Brick Madness, a movie about a Lego building competition.  Hear about the struggles involved to create this movie after 8 years.
Our second topic of the night brought to a head a ton of the artist v promoter v venue talk that we have had in the studio for years.  Two local asshats, Tully Gluffaker and Amrik Sandhu of Definitive Productions got involved in a massive online spat with past guest Cockamamie Jamie and decided to bring Dowdy in on the action.  Every detail was brought out in a scathing obliteration of two guys who have no business working in the valley or anywhere else, except maybe Laton CA.
Finally we ended the night with a quick round of the Dowdy’s, handing out glamorous awards in a recap of the night.
Next Wednesday night we will have Corey F-ing Felman and the Angels on the show plus the promoter for the Friday the 13th show at Fulton 55, Art Silva of the Artourage!
Beer provided by Riley’s Brewing!

Music By Sagey!

Hashtags of the night: #LastCorey, #QuadPa, #SaveTheWiFi, #PixielandMeth, #BeanerGoggles, #AFOL

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