#DDPLive with Steve Brandau

A special show tonight focusing on the Homeless Camping Ban enacted a week ago in Fresno County.  We brought a focused show tonight with the man behind the initial proposal, City Councilman Steve Brandau.  We also had one of the high up admins for Fresno County Mental Health Services, Director of Behavioral Health Services Dawan Utecht.  And along with her, a hands on Division Manager, Karen Markland.

Show Summary:
The show started off with some giveaway opportunities.  Free food from Rileys Brew Pub up for grabs for anyone that sends us a message with their name and address on the #DDPLive Facebook page.
After that, the show got rolling.  This show was an attempt to identify the root cause of the central valley homeless problem.  We heard from three different sides on this and avoided the pitfalls of loud attacks frequently seen on social media in regards to this subject.  The hope was to provide some sort of option to help out.  Im not sure we solved anything, but there were some good ideas tossed out.  Hopefully it will provide a start for things to come.
Next Tuesday night we will go back to our normal show with comedians Ken Lewis and Tim Lea.  We will be talking about the good, the bad and the ugly, both the show at Fulton 55 and our main topic.

Beer provided by Riley’s Brewing!

Music By Sagey!

Hashtags of the night: #KeyboardWarriors

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