Debut of the #DDPLive

So it has been a minute since we have done something on this site.  I have been working on re tooling my show to create the next evolution of my past shows.  This is a short show and I promise you will see a little more of what you are used to.  As it is, here we go.  And of course I need to jump in the controversy pool.

Show Summary:

I hit up 3 topics tonight.

The final decision of the Kelly Duley v California court case.

Racism in the form of Steve Wayte, owner of Roll One For Mi, and his battle against Henry Perea.

The announcement of the Stoneshiver EP release show that Longbox.FM will be a part of.

Bear with me on this as this is a first run and putting a show like this together takes some time.  We will be more interactive in the future and the crew will be present.  Please take the time to like us on Facebook, #DDPLive.

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