CA Proposition 60 – The Condom One

This is a breakdown of each CA Proposition as researched by Debra Dowdy.  She has taken the time to research the facts as given by the Ballot Initiatives and information available on  At the end of the description, she and I give our vote for each Proposition.  There is also a linkable list of Propositions at the bottom of the post. We hope this will help you learn more about these important initiatives.  Please leave a comment with your thoughts and vote!

CA Prop. 60 The Condom One. (Seriously?)

Voting yes on this one means you are in favor of requiring condom use when someone is acting in a porno film. The producers would be responsible to provide them and to prove they were used. (Just imagine how that would be done.) The producers must provide medical exams, STI tests, and vaccines. The producers would be required to contact OSHA every time they make a film. The would have to get a state health license and post signs. Further, the law would permit performers or residents to enforce violations. So if you are ever watching your favorite porn film and you don’t see condoms, you will have the right to sue the actors, crew, producer, and cable company. Might be a lucrative side job.

This was written and financed ($4.1 million) by AHF–AIDS Healthcare Foundation. This group shows up on another proposition so I tried to research a bit. They are a non-profit organization with a $200 million per year budget, but I can’t find anything about where their money comes from. Seems to be a number of “scandals” about them on the internet. It’s also supported by the California State Association of Occupational Health Nurses. (I think I just found my retirement job.)

Opposition comes from Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians. They say it is poorly written.

Apparently most porn is shot in Los Angeles and environs and they already have a Measure B in place that requires condoms. Opposition stresses that producers will take their business out of state if this law goes into effect, but apparently most states have laws against filming porn so that probably won’t happen. (I’m kinda thinking, “Don’t let the door hit you in the naked butt on the way out!”)

My opinion: Practice some personal responsibility and protect yourself. Buy your own darn condoms. Don’t make me pay for a whole new bureaucracy for you.

Debra Dowdy is voting – No

Chris Dowdy is voting – No

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