CA Proposition 54 – Legislative…Proceedings

This is a breakdown of each CA Proposition as researched by Debra Dowdy.  She has taken the time to research the facts as given by the Ballot Initiatives and information available on  At the end of the description, she and I give our vote for each Proposition.  There is also a linkable list of Propositions at the bottom of the post. We hope this will help you learn more about these important initiatives.  Please leave a comment with your thoughts and vote!

CA Prop 54. Legislative…Proceedings.

Another Constitutional amendment. Be cautious.

This initiative would require the following:
1) All bills must be printed and online for 72 hours before the Legislature can vote on them (except for public emergencies).
2) Must have video record of public proceedings and publish the videos online within 24 hours.
3) Allow individual to record public proceedings.

This initiative was prepared by Charles Munger, Jr. and he is the sole donor paying for it. It’s supported by Republicans and Libertarians and opposed by the Democrats and three large unions.

Cost will be a one-time expense of $1 to 2 million and an ongoing cost of $1 million per year that will be covered by the existing Legislative budget. That’s actually pretty cheap considering California’s budget is $122 billion. (Only is government is a million dollars “cheap.”)

This would avoid the last minute changing of a bill. Did you know that the Legislature can actually, at the last minute, take every word out of a bill and replace it with something different. It’s called “gutted and amended.” What was a bill about X becomes a bill about Y, but the title stays the same. They vote without even knowing what’s been changed. Insane, dishonest, deplorable. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Opposition arguments include:
1) This will only benefit Mr. Munger. But they never specify how and I can’t see how it could.
2) It makes bipartisan efforts harder. How, exactly?
3) It’s a “complicated measure” with “unnecessary new restrictions.” No and No.
4) Waiting three days gives lobbyists and special interests time to launch attack campaigns. (Rather than doing their lobbying in private.)
5) If you change so much as a comma, you have to wait another three days. Soooooo?
6) Videos of legislative proceedings could be used in campaign ads. You mean the public could see what actually happened?
All weak arguments, IMO.

Despite the fact that it’s a Constitutional change and I’m cautious about those, I’m voting “yes.”

Debra Dowdy is voting – Yes

Chris Dowdy is voting – No

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