June 1, 2016 with Lusk

We brought the club to the Longbox.FM studio with Ryan Lusk joining us on The Dirty Dowdy Podcast Wednesday night.  We talked with him about his upcoming show, the 51 Fifty Music Fest at Woodward Park on June 18th.

Show Summary:

We learned why you don’t do LSD in the forest.

Celeb news with selfie statues and emoji bibles.

Talked with Lusk about the 51Fifty Music Festival, his views on the rap scene in the valley and who he likes to play with locally.

The game was the DJ Voice Off.  We read how to extract semen from a bull.

Finally a quick sign off and tardies.

Hashtags of the night:

Food and beverage sponsors for the night:  Beer from Riley’s Brewing

Next week we will have Sahab in studio with a special musical surprise.


Click the play button at the bottom of the page to listen to the audio podcast or you can download it and take it with you either here, on iTunes or Stitcher!  Also, check out the video podcast below for the full experience.  And… You can try out the #DDP360 Podcast.  You can take control of the camera and move around the entire studio.  Plus there is bonus footage on that video of what goes on when the mics are off!

Check out the Video Podcast Below!

Check out the #DDP360 Video Podcast Below!

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