The Falcon Punch Podcast


The Open Mic Podcast on Longbox.FM featured The Falcon Punch Podcast with Evan Faulkner, Christopher Cruz, Karmen Geffkin and Matt Nation.

Summary of the Show:
The crew introduced themselves and talked about some of the weirdest places they have done standup comedy.

They talked about Savage Cinema, an event going on at Peeve’s Public House every month.  They gave us a little taste of what is coming up with the movies Showgirls, Roadhouse and Reefer Madness.

You can’t be the Falcon Punch without talking about wrestling.  They aired a clip of The Ultimate Warrior that actually caused the YouTube Police to kill the live feed!

They finished out the show with some Trending on Twitter talk and lots of love for Riley’s Brewing!

Listen to the show by streaming or downloading at the link at the bottom.  You can also watch the Video Podcast and the all new #TOMPodcast360 below!

Watch the Video Podcast Below!

Watch the #TOMPodcast360 Video Below!


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