March 23, 2016 with He.Cried.Wolf

Wednesday night was a big show on The Dirty Dowdy Podcast. We had valley metal band, he.cried.wolf in the studio.

Show Summary:

A packed studio kicked off the show with some quick plugs and a welcome to all the new listeners.  Then we watched a very in depth video on all the dealings with Clint Olivier for Assembly and Dr. Joaquin Arambula for Assembly issues. Very in depth. Then we have Alex’s Clambake with some solid stories today.

Alex fired off a solid Clambake this week with talk of Hulk Hogan, a lazy congress and hipster America.

We will talk with our guests He.Cried.Wolf and get to know them in the way only the #DDPLive crew can.  After some Mole Star questions, we got to play the Axel Rose Game!  One sole survivor to keep the HCW name and get some things.  Maybe.

After that fun, the band competed against themselves and the internet in Rockin’ Walken.  Lets say they did not do so well.  Enough that James and Rob’s mothers had to call in and berate them.

We finished up the show with a round of Tardies.  See who took the MVP for the night.  We will talked about the upcoming shows, especially next weeks debate!

Stream or download the audio podcast at the bottom of this post.  You can also watch the video podcast or the #DDP360 video once they are posted below!

Hashtags for this week: #FuckRob, #MomFest, #SpecialDowdy, #HotCarl, #FullFogel,

This show was sponsored by Riley’s Brewing. Get some.  Drink it.

Watch the Video Podcast Below!

Watch the #DDP360 Video Below!

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