February 10, 2016 with Gus and Izzy

The Dirty Dowdy Podcast was live on Wednesday night with Gus and Izzy, the hosts of The Morning Blaze on 105.1 FM, The Blaze.

Show Summery:

Longbox.FM was punished by Metallica, the #DDPLive crew introduced Gus and Izzy and we learned some new things this week.

Dowdy wrapped up the Super Bowl.  Commercials.  Like the Ryan Reynolds commercial.  And the #SealBabies commercial.  And plenty more here.  And we handled a beef that shouldn’t exist.  And enjoy a special creation from Dowdy called, Puppy Monkey Baby, The Remix.

The #DDPLive Crew got to know a little more about Gus and Izzy.  Specifically what brought them together, how much they swear, the answer to how many pets is too many and many more.  A fun back and forth with the morning crew to the night crew.

The game this week was the brand new, Rockin Walken, voiced by Aaron Perilo.  Look him up ladies.  Simple game, yet very hard.  You will kick yourself listening to try to figure out what the song is by listening to the lyrics read by Christopher Walken. See who wins between #TeamGus and #TeamIzzy.

And Kenneth finished out the show with another round of Tardies.  See who pulled up the MVP this week.  And why the phrase, ‘Pot of blood at the end of the rainbow,’ happened.
Hashtags of the week: #JacoTuesday, #Bloodfest, #AvocadosAndIncubus, #HardForGus,

Next week we will have comedian, Phillip Medina of Refried Comedy and Lucha Xtreme, in the Longbox.FM Studio to talk about radio and getting up very early and the mistake that it is to come on the DDP!

The whole show was recorded with our new Virtual Reality 360º camera.  So you can listen to the audio podcast, watch the video podcast or you can check out our new 360º video when it posts. You can watch the show any way you want!

You have multiple ways to hear the show now.  Pick one and enjoy!

Watch the regular Video Podcast below!

Watch the #DDP360 crew in #VR360 below!
(Be sure to set the quality to 1080s50 for best experience!)


Izzy Talkin Radio Gus working out the song Post Show Group pic with Gus and Izzy

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