January 20, 2016 with Philip Teresi

This week The Dirty Dowdy Podcast brought back an old face.  And our guest for the week, Philip Teresi of Newstalk 580 KMJ, hung out with the #DDPLive crew. We will talked about radio, politics, and some crazy stories from deep in his vault. And since our guest does so well with radio production and ads, we set him up again the crew in an Advertising Game.  The whole show was recorded with our new Virtual Reality 360º camera.  So you can listen to the audio podcast, watch the video podcast or you can check out our new 360º video when it posts. You can watch the show any way you want!

Show notes:
Welcomed back Mole Star but lost some others.  We learned some new things.

In the Celebrity Clamback we talked about #ManBraids, Oscar’s flap, and a theory on why this is the year of death.

Philip talked about his history with Dowdy, his time at 95.7 and the switch to KMJ, Newstalk 580 AM.  And there was some political discussion for the coming election and some interesting questions for him to answer.

For our game, we put the #DDPLive crew up against Philip to see who could sell 15 made up products properly.  And Mole Star made his singing debut.  This you have to hear to believe.

Finally we wrapped up with the #Tardies with Kenneth and got a show MVP.  Next week we will have DJ Aesop in the Longbox.FM studios to talk Rewind 105.5FM, Barcade and all things Downtown.

You have multiple ways to hear the show now.  Pick one and enjoy!

Watch the regular Video Podcast below!

Watch the DDPLive crew in #VR360 below!


Young Philip #DDPLive Crew with Philip Teresi DDPLive with Philip 2 DDP360 with Philip


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