December 16, 2015 with Dumb Drum

Wednesday night The Dirty Dowdy Podcast hung out with the DumbDrum crew as they joined us in the Longbox.FM studios. RoqueBryan, and Matt were fresh off their trip to Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, and Inside Edition as they were out promoting their Star Wars Trailer before the movie release.  We watched their Star Wars swede that attracted so much attention and found out more about them and the swedefest events they put on.  Also, in anticipation of the Star Wars movie release, we threw down some Star Wars Trivia pitting the Dumb Drummers vs the #DDPLive Crew.  See who is truly geeked out and who… lacks!  As always we put down some new Riley’s Brewing, the Cougar and Catching Up IPA.  And Alex shared his celebrity gossip in the Celebrity Clambake.  Oh and we talked about this little event coming up, our Festivus Festival 2015 at Peeve’s Public House on December 23.  Lots going on with this fun show.  See what happens when you mix film nerds, radio nerds, beer and Star Wars in one sitting.  Scroll to the bottom and hit the play to hear.  Or download it and listen to it while you wait for your midnight showing of the movie!


Wookie Skin Rug Dumb Drum Post Show 2 Dumb Drum 3

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