Ep 5: Mickey Rourke with Scott Schiaffo

Hi everyone! Jason here. Thanks for coming over to check out the show!

On this episode we’re joined by Scott Schiaffo! He’s a super cool guy, and an awesome actor! He played the Mr. Chewlies chewing gum rep. on the movie Clerks! He’s been on several other movies as well, you should look him up!

This time, the actor we focus on is Mickey Rourke! The movies: Barfly, Angel Heart, and The Pope of Greenwich Village. These movies were not any i have ever seen before, and would not have ever really checked out, so it was kinda cool to do something that got me out of my comfort zone.

Not only is Scott a talented actor, he’s also a musician and author!!! Check out his stuff!

He has a book, which you can order on Amazon.com! This link here will take you to the book page.

Also, he has an awesome album of movie score music he’s written and produced over the years. The background music used during the talk with Scott is all his own stuff! The link to his album is here!

And as always, all music used, other than the stuff used in the middle of the show, was written, performed, and recorded by our producer, Amandolin!!!

Let us know what you think of our show!

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